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Learn everything you need to know about investing in bitcoin. We've made it as easy as possible for you to understand what bitcoins are and how to earn a passive income from them.

  • Learn what bitcoin is in a simple and clear way that anyone can understand. No complicated and technical definitions.

  • Learn how to store your bitcoins securely, and understand the safest bitcoin wallets to use.

  • There's 3 ways to earn bitcoins. Buying them from an exchange, trading them or mining them.

  • Learn the best way to earn a passive monthly income from bitcoins, and how to identify a legitimate platform.

There's 3 Legitimate Ways to Earn Bitcoin

How to Identify a Legitimate Bitcoin Mining Company

The easiest way to earn a passive income with no stress or hassle is through Bitcoin Mining. Here we'll teach you how to distinguish between a scam and a legitimate mining platform. We have joined alot of platforms and have been scammed so many times it doesn’t even hurt anymore. But then we thought enough is enough. All these platforms offering high monthly returns whilst doing business for you in the background are all scams. So we needed a solution. We did a deeper research about legitimate bitcoin mining companies, where the companies actually owned the bitcoin mining machines, and could prove that they owned them without a reasonable doubt! And one sure way was to look them up on the blockchain. The blockchain is a public ledger that records every bitcoin transaction made in real time. You see, if you visit, you will find bitcoin mining companies that are registered on the blockchain. After we did our research, we found legitimate mining companies that have been around for years and are still paying out their members on the block chain.

  • Michael Johnson

    I learnt all about bitcoin from Morris and Rose. It's so simple, just follow the steps given and you won't go wrong.

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